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Freelancing is something that we all like to hold just out of reach for ourselves. We come up with excuses like, “there’s too much competition”, and “I won’t be able to make enough money”.

Though they’re the most common excuses we hear, they are consistently said by the least motivated individuals out there.

I know freelancers who have built 6 and 7 figure businesses in no time flat. I also can tell you that I went from making $42k a year to over $11k per month as a freelancer within my first 4 months of doing it full time.

Let me ask you this:

1. Do you have a freelance business or want to start one?
2. Are you under $10k per month in revenue?
3. Do you constantly feel uninspired at your current job?
4. Are you unsure where you should be looking to find new work?
5. Would you like to know where to go to discover unlimited freelance income potential?
6. Are you ready to change your life today?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

Massive success comes from massive action. Massive action comes from a clear plan and motivation.

It’s time to stop feeling so unmotivated every day and take back your right to be creative.

What’s stopping you from doing what you love?

Have you become so comfortable in the routine of your day job that you’ve designed yourself into a corner? Are you going into work day in and day out and doing the same boring work? Is there any life left at all in the projects you touch?

Don’t you think it’s time to make a change?

This course will:

  • Provide a way to grow a freelance business you love
  • Show you how to get results
  • Help you get over your own BS limitations
  • Push your comfort zones
  • Provide a way for you to set clear, actionable goals for yourself

This course will NOT:

  • Provide a way to create some half-assed business
  • Serve as a get rich quick scheme
  • Be perfect for everyone
  • Do everything for you

Be generous, and good things will follow. It’s a universal notion that isn’t any less true in the freelancing world.

What will we be covering?

This course gives a deep dive into the 5 critical success factors of a successful freelance business

  • Mindset: Success starts at that critical first step. Freelancing isn’t sitting at a comfy office desk with Adobe Creative Suite opened up in front of you. It’s a hustle. They don’t teach it in design school.
  • Self-Promotion: Paint a clear picture of yourself and your goals. Don’t be a jack of all trades, be your own individual. You can attract specific clients, become a lead magnet, and become more desirable to prospects than you ever thought possible… and it all starts with clarity.
  • Pricing: If you don’t think there’s a pricing psychology involved in freelancing, think again. This section breaks down how to draft highly effective project proposals, provide detailed quotes, and convert more leads into paying customers.
  • Organization: You’re going to jump for joy when you finally have 5 paying clients under your belt at the same time. But, you’re going to stress yourself out if you don’t know how to manage them effectively. We’re going to talk about the best ways to keep them happy.
  • Networking: When one project wraps up, you don’t want to spend any time looking for another project. This section talks about how to leverage client relationships into rotating workflows and put networking on autopilot.
To learn more, check out this FREE TRAINING.

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About the Author

Drew Palmer is a freelance designer & entrepreneur based in Philadelphia, PA.

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  1. Ranjith
    Posted on August 26, 2015 at 6:49 am

    Hii..! Im ranjith kumar from India (Hyderabad),
    I have intrest to learn Freelanching.

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